Electives have always been one of my favorite things about middle school and high school. Maybe it's because I taught digital media and newspaper electives, but I really believe that this is where life long passions are found. I have no idea how long Ky will play an instrument, but he's starting his 3rd year with the clarinet, and he still loves it. Today he got his first "new music" of the school year, and he was so excited to play it for us. And to be honest - it sounded pretty good after a long summer break. I love watching him tap his foot as he plays. It's just a great visual reminder that the music is really flowing through him. In ed tech we like to say things like, "Every kid should learn to code." And I sure hope he learns that too! But for now, I'll take the Music Man any day of the week.
So today was our first real test. We had to get three kids to three different schools - and they all started at different times in a span of 20 minutes. My mission was clear: drop of Ky at middle school and walk Q to his class. The first half of the mission was successful - but I was barely at the elementary school gate when the late bell rang. Uh oh.  I avoided all eye contact with all the parents leaving campus as I dragged Q across the school wondering why in the world I parked so far away! But as I got near the center of campus I mistakenly looked-up to see Mrs. C giving me that look and playfully reprimanding me for being late on Day 2. Oh the shame! While I love knowing all the teachers at the school, it makes it super hard to blend in! Luckily, Q wasn't the only one running late today, and since his teacher is new to the school and barely knows Quinn's name (let alone mine!), I used apologetic body language to convey the universal "oops - sorry" signal and slinked away. I wonder how long I can get away with that?! ; )

P.S. Later in the day... I cornered Kat long enough to hear a little about her English class. She says she "loved" the Socratic Seminar today, and she can't wait to do more. Woot! Deeper learning lives!!
1st grade, 7th grade, and 9th grade. Bring it.

Dad: So what was a highlight of your first day?!
Q: We got three recesses! (That's a big deal when you've never had more than one.)
Ky: <no response> (Oh. So that's how it's gonna be.)
Kat: Religion is gonna be hard. I need to memorize all those prayers! (Welcome to Catholic school, dear.)